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module 1

In the setup module we will cover the very first steps to get you online, which include getting your hosting & domain name, install an SSL certificate, installing  WordPress and all the plugins you’ll need to get your site up and running.

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module 2

the style guide

In this module we will start off  by doing some research and  finding inspiration to help you figure out how you want your website and overall brand style to look.  We’ll explore color and font combinations then create a brand style guide so your visual branding will always be consistent.

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module 3

THE site flow

Now we can start to map out the site flow to create a user friendly experience. Using template layouts, we’ll go over exactly what you want your customers to do when they land on your site, which will help determine what buttons/call to actions and pages you’ll need.

The following modules will be covered in the live workshops. Online lessons coming soon...

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module 4

branding basics

Using free online tools,  we will start creating all of the branding elements such as buttons and banners that will help make your website look unique.

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module 5

make it custom

Using a front end drag and drop website builder we will pick a template based on what we’ve decided from MODULE 3. Then we will change the colors and fonts based on what we decided in MODULE 2, and finish off by plugging in our content images and branding elements created in MODULE 4.

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instagram launch flyer

Before we wrap up, I will show you how to create an Instagram/Social Media “Website Launch” flyer for you to post to let your followers and friends know that your new website is officially live…and we’re all DONE!