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On this page, your membership site users can keep track of their own activity from the time they joined the membership site.

There are two different shortcodes that can be used on this page (but this page must have SSL in order for them to work! See more about SSL here.):

  • The one-time-purchase: Any products that require a one-time purchase to access fall under this category.
  • The subscription: Products with recurring purchases fall under the subscription category. An example of this type of purchase would be a monthly membership subscription model, requiring members to submit a payment (or an automated payment set up through Infusionsoft/Ontraport billing) in order to maintain access to the content.

NOTE: To use these shortcodes, the “List Existing Orders/Subscriptions” must be enabled in the settings “User Account Ops” under the AccessAlly submenu..

Don’t forget to hit “publish” on this page when you’re ready and link to it from within your site!

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